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Coke Suspect Needs To Work On His Excuses

Floridian denied owning drugs found in his shoe

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Coke Shoes

JANUARY 27--Either Deondre Thomas has the worst luck or the worst excuse.

The 19-year-old Floridian (seen below) was driving yesterday afternoon in St. Petersburg when a cop pulled his car over for a window tint violation.

Thomas, the patrolman discovered, was driving on a suspended license. Worse, “an odor of marijuana was also coming from the vehicle as I spoke with him,” reported Deputy Guy Habercom.

After directing Thomas to exit the auto, Habercom conducted a search of the suspect that yielded “two baggies of cocaine.” The drugs, which weighed a combined 8.7 grams, were found in Thomas’s right shoe.

Upon being read his rights, Thomas disavowed ownership of the cocaine and claimed that he had “put his brother’s shoes on.”

Despite that valiant attempt to throw his sibling under the bus, Thomas was collared on a felony narcotics possession charge. He was released from jail today after posting $2000 bond, according to court records.

Thomas did not return a message left on his voicemail. It is unknown whether he actually has a brother. (1 page)