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Twin Sisters Arrested For Armed Robbery

Cops: Siblings stuck up Daytona Beach market

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Double Trouble

OCTOBER 29--Twin sisters are locked up on robbery charges after they allegedly held up a Florida convenience store at gunpoint Tuesday evening.

According to police, Kirstie Bergeron and her sibling Kayla walked into the Food Mart store in Daytona Beach and proceeded to a refrigerator, where Kayla selected a bottle of ginger ale.

The 24-year-old twins then approached the front counter. “I have a gun, open the register!” announced Kayla, as detailed in a Circuit Court charging affidavit. “Are you kidding me?” replied clerk Sabbir Ahmed.

Kayla then “removed her hand from her pocket and displayed what appeared to be a small handgun,” reported an investigator. As Kayla pointed the piece at Ahmed, the 37-year-old worker opened the cash register and Kirstie reached over the counter and snatched $230.

The Bergerons fled the scene in a black Volkswagen Beetle that was parked next to the store. But as the twins departed, Ahmed copied down the car’s license plate number. The siblings were soon arrested after a traffic stop less than a mile from the Food Mart (seen below).

Kirstie (top) and Kayla are pictured in the above mug shots.

While cops recovered the stolen cash and the ginger ale, no firearm was found. Police suspect the weapon “may have been discarded” following the robbery.

Charged with robbery with a firearm or deadly weapon, the Bergerons are each locked up in the Volusia County jail on $25,000 bond. (2 pages)