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Another 4chan Fan Arrested On Federal Charges

Navy man copped to getting child porn from web site


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Navy Porn Charge

FEBRUARY 14--A Navy man who admitted downloading child pornography from has been arrested on federal charges, the latest visitor to the notorious web site to end up in handcuffs.

Collin Campbell was busted earlier this month after being named in a U.S. District Court complaint charging him with possession of child pornography. A Machinist’s Mate 2nd Class aboard the warship Boxer, Campbell is free on $50,000 bond and under house arrest at his San Diego-area residence.

A judge has barred Campbell, pictured at right, from using the Internet, possessing any pornography, or having “direct or indirect” contact with minors.

The Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) probe of Campbell began in mid-October after a fellow seaman--who had borrowed Campbell’s iPhone--discovered illicit images on the device. The photos were stored in a folder labeled “porn.”

When confronted by an NCIS agent, Campbell “admitted to downloading between 10-20 images of child pornography and alleged he obtained all those images from the website,” according to a statement of facts prepared by NCIS Agent Gerald Martin.

During a subsequent search of Campbell’s home, investigators seized his laptop and other “electronic media” items. A preliminary review of Campbell’s computer has uncovered 115 separate “images of suspected child pornography” and two short videos, according to Martin.

Campbell, who faces a maximum of 20 years in prison if convicted of the felony count, is scheduled to appear for a preliminary hearing Thursday afternoon at the San Diego federal courthouse. (5 pages)

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Never heard of it before, never going to it. What kind of sicko runs that site or allows pictures of abused children on it? Give this swabby 10 minimum... he'll go to an easy fed joint, so up the time...
He will be the kidde where he is going.
Wow. Its hard to believe people still go to that website. I'm afraid to even check it out cuz what would the point be? All it is is trouble!
End of teh line for this Anchor Clanker