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Cops: Duo Left Kids In Minivan Outside Sex Shop

Parents spent 90 minutes inside Hustler Hollywood

Hustler Hollywood

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Sex Shop Shoppers

MAY 9--A Washington couple has been charged with leaving two of their young children unattended in the family’s running minivan while they spent 90 minutes shopping at a Hustler Hollywood outlet where they dropped $430 on adult novelty items, records show.

Juston and Kylie Hyatt, both 23, are each scheduled to be arraigned next Thursday on a misdemeanor count filed last week in Tacoma Municipal Court. The Hyatts are pictured at right in a MySpace photo.

According to a Tacoma Police Department report, cops were summoned to the Hustler Hollywood store in early-February after a witness spotted two boys--aged 3 and 4--alone inside a Chrysler Town & Country minivan parked outside the business. The witness reported that the children were left unattended “for at least an hour.”

When officers approached the Hyatts inside the Hustler store, Juston Hyatt was carrying “another small child in his arms,” police reported. Hyatt is an Army soldier stationed at Joint Base Lewis-McChord outside Tacoma.

The Hyatts told cops they thought it was “ok” to leave the boys inside the van because they “parked in front of the store and they could see the vehicle.” One cop then noted that the couple did not see him peering into the vehicle (nor did he see them looking out at the minivan from inside the Hustler store). The officer also warned that it “only takes a second or two for some individual to get into the running vehicle with the children in it and steal the car.”

When an officer asked why one of them did not wait inside the minivan while the other shopped, “Neither Kylie Hyatt nor Juston Hyatt answered that question.”

A Hustler Hollywood clerk told Tacoma cops that the Hyatts had previously visited the store and had “left their children inside a running vehicle for a long period of time.” The employee recalled that she had called cops on the prior occasion, but that the couple had departed before police arrived.

Days after the Hyatts were cited by Tacoma police, a cop was dispatched to Hustler Hollywood (pictured above) to pick up store surveillance footage of the couple’s shopping spree. (2 pages)