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NYPD Busts Man For Secret Taping Of X-Rated Tryst

Suspect uploaded video to XTube day after encounter


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XTube Exposure

JANUARY 25--A New York City man is jailed and facing felony charges after he surreptitiously filmed a sexual encounter with another man and then posted the video to a porn web site, according to court records.

Eric Wilson, 44, was arrested earlier this month after the man who was secretly filmed discovered the X-rated clip of him having sex with Wilson in the defendant’s East Harlem apartment. According to a criminal complaint, the victim spotted the video on Wilson’s page on the web site.

The victim told an NYPD detective that he met Wilson last month “on an internet website” and, hours later, went to his apartment around 11:45 PM. There, the man added, he had “consensual sexual intercourse” with Wilson.

A day later, on December 4, the victim found the video of him having sex with Wilson on XTube, reported Detective Giselle Melino.

Since the man told cops that he did not consent to the videotaping or the distribution of the clip, Wilson was busted for two felony counts of unlawful surveillance and two counts of dissemination of an unlawful surveillance image, also a felony.

Pictured above, Wilson is being held on Rikers Island in lieu of $15,000 bail.

Using the online handle “ciremuse,” Wilson has posted videos showing him engaging in sexual activity with many other men. His XTube page reports that his “video views” exceed 6.5 million and that he has nearly 5000 subscribers on the X-rated web site.

Wilson’s page includes hundreds of comments from fans complimenting him on his videos, which open with titles like “20-Year-Old Inexperienced Spanish Boi Returns,” “Beefy Italian Cub Bubble Session 11,” and "Monster Meat Feast Pt. 1." Describing himself as a “Sexy Brown Stud,” Wilson describes his sexual interests as “Giving Anal Sex, Giving Oral Sex, Making Movies.”

It is unclear whether Wilson’s others partners were aware that they were being filmed. The videos were all recorded from a fixed vantage point adjacent to Wilson’s bed.

In addition to his XTube page, Wilson had a blog that contained other explicit videos and a caption noting, “This is the video of my sexual exploits for the people who were fortunate enough to encounter me.” Visitors had to pay for access to full videos on the blog, the victim told police. (2 pages)