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Police: Uncle Sought To Circumcise Boy

"Bro, I tried to circumcise him," the suspect explained

Butcher knife

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Circumcision Bust

FEBRUARY 2--“Bro, I tried to circumcise him.”

That is what the uncle of a 21-month-old boy said to the child’s father after he allegedly used a “large kitchen butcher knife” to perform surgery in the family’s Florida home.

According to police, Larry Leroy Floyd, 24, and Robin Moore were babysitting the victim and two of his siblings Saturday evening in the Ocala apartment where Floyd has resided for the past week.

Moore told cops that he was in the living room with two of the children when Floyd came running out of a bedroom “with the one year old that was bleeding profusely and said that he was trying to circumcise the child,” according to an Ocala Police Department report.

As the child’s father simultaneously arrived back at the home, Floyd was still holding the bloody knife. “Bro, I tried to circumcise him,” Floyd told his brother-in-law, who then raced his bleeding child to a nearby hospital.

When cops arrived at the apartment, they recovered the knife from a kitchen sink and observed a blood-soaked shirt on a hallway floor and a bloody mattress in the bedroom where the child’s penis was lacerated. One officer noted that the residence was “absolutely filthy to the point of being unhealthy” and appeared to have feces smeared on the walls.

The boy’s injuries were not life-threatening, police reported, but he “would have to be examined by a urologist before the full nature of the injury could be known.”

Pictured in the above mug shot, Floyd was apprehended shortly after fleeing the apartment. He declined to speak with police, though he “stated he needed a mental evaluation,” a detective reported.

Floyd was charged with aggravated battery, domestic violence, and child abuse. He is being held in the Marion County jail on those felony counts. (2 pages)