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Man Snuck Into Funeral Home, Filmed Corpses

Cops: Louisianan, 21, shared grisly images

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Funeral Home Ghoul

APRIL 12--A Louisiana man entered a funeral home after hours and went to the embalming room where he filmed several autopsied corpses and shared the grisly images with an acquaintance via FaceTime, police allege.

According to a probable cause affidavit, Boris Richard, 21, late Friday night made an “unauthorized entry” at the Smith Funeral Home in Monroe.

Richard, who lives about nine miles from the business, “made entry to the embalming room with several corpses present post-autopsy,” police charge. He then “videoed several of the corpses on his cell phone via facetime and was showing an acquaintance the corpses while the business was closed to the public.”

While Richard (seen above) appears to have some connection to the business, he “was not an official worker” and had been advised he “was not supposed to gain entry to the embalming room without consent.”

Arrested on a felony unauthorized entry charge, Richard declined to answer questions from police. Richard was released yesterday from the local jail after posting $1500 bond.

Richard is scheduled to appear for a hearing this afternoon in District Court. (1 page)