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Recent Arrestee Just Doesn't Want To Hear It

Half-a-mug, half-an-Elvis tat highlight roundup

Mug Shot Roundup

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Mug Shots: 8/16/13

AUGUST 16--This week’s booking photo roundup commences with a 53-year-old Arizona woman who is clearly uninterested in hearing anything law enforcement officers have to say to her. She was busted Saturday for trespassing. As for her fellow arrestees, some notes:

1) The scowling Oklahoman, 37, on page #2 was arrested Friday for indecent exposure and public intoxication; 2) Collared Sunday on a domestic violence charge, the South Carolina man, 41, on page #4 was half way out of the frame when officers snapped his mug shot; 3) The tattoo on both sides of the neck of the Arkansas man on page #6 makes clear that he is down with The King--that king being Elvis Presley. The 31-year-old, serving time in state prison for being a repeat DUI offender, was photographed yesterday when he was transferred to a local jail for a court appearance; 4) The 25-year-old bug-eyed Oregonian on page #10 was popped Tuesday for reckless endangerment and assault; and 5) If his driving in any way contributed to his wearing a neck brace, it's a good thing the man on page #13 has a suspended license. Unfortunately the Florida gent, 49, still seems compelled to get behind the wheel, since that’s just what he was busted for Monday. (15 pages)