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Vader No Match For Mug Shot Expressions

Goofy, flamboyant perps starkly contrast stoic Darth

Mug Shot Roundup

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Mug Shots: 9/13/13

SEPTEMBER 16--This week’s mug shot roundup opens with a 20-year-old rainbow enthusiast who was arrested Wednesday by Michigan cops on a probation violation charge. As for her fellow arrestees, some notes:

1) The tongue-wagging (and sign-throwing) Oklahoman, 33, on page #4 was jailed on a failure to appear count; 2) The Louisiana woman, 42, on page #6 was collared on prostitution and drug possession charges. And, yes, she bears a passing resemblance to “Crazy Eyes” from the Netflix series “Orange is the New Black”; 3) The 22-year-old Idaho man on page #10 was busted Saturday for violating probation; 4) The Darth Vader fan on page #11 was popped Monday for habitually driving with an invalid license; and 5) The Chicago man, 24, on page #12 was arrested Thursday for prostitution. (13 pages)