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Cops: Pair Had Sex While Kids Were In The Car

Dopey duo caught trysting outside mall

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Outlet Mall Tryst

JANUARY 17--A Pennsylvania couple is facing disorderly conduct charges after a cop caught them Sunday afternoon having sex in a car while two children were seated in the rear of the vehicle.

According to the Pennsylvania State Police, a passerby called 911 to report that “two people were having sexual intercourse” in a car parked outside an outlet mall in Gettysburg.

A state trooper responding to the call discovered Taylor Skursky, 26, and Torrey Rudisill, 28, having sex in the front seat of a black Honda Accord around 12:30 PM. Two young children were in the rear passenger seat while Skursky (left) and Rudisill, seen above, were trysting.

Skursky and Rudisill were charged with disorderly conduct, according to citations filed today in District Court. Rudisill was taken into custody, cops report, since he is currently on a prison work release program.

Representatives from the state’s child welfare agency were called to the arrest scene “to assess the children.” Police did not specify the relationship between the minors and Skursky and Rudisill.

Court records show that Rudisill’s rap sheet includes convictions for careless driving, criminal trespass, theft, disorderly conduct, harassment, and resisting arrest. Additionally, his probation has been revoked on multiple occasions, with the most recent revocation resulting in his imprisonment in the York County jail (from which his work release program was monitored). Skursky pleaded guilty last year to a retail theft charge and was ordered to pay $542 in fines and court costs. (1 page)