"Booger Face" Taunt Led To Abuse Bust

Cops: Woman, 46, struck son after name calling

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"Booger Face"

FEBRUARY 15--After being called a “Booger Face” by her son, a Florida Woman smacked the child, breaking his glasses and leaving him with cuts on his face, according to police who arrested her on a felony abuse charge.

As alleged in an arrest affidavit, Betty Jean Union, 46, was angered by the name calling and retaliated by striking the victim “with a partially opened hand.”

The blow caused “the glasses on the victim to break and a small laceration to the defendant’s right cheek and his inside upper lip.”

The confrontation Tuesday evening occurred in a home in Safety Harbor, a city in the Tampa Bay area.

Seen at right, Union was busted on a felony child abuse charge and booked into the county jail. She was released from custody on her own recognizance late last night.

A judge ordered Union to have no contact with the child. Additionally, she was allowed a one-time visit--in the presence of police--to retrieve her belongings from the residence.

The redacted affidavit does not include the age of the victim, but indicates that Union “does not have custody of him.” Court records show that Union, who divorced in 1996, has been involved in two separate paternity actions since 2013. (1 page)