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Cops: Knife Pulled During Condom Beef

Man, 23, nabbed following fight with a male pal

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Condom Fight

AUGUST 2--An argument “about condoms” turned violent Saturday evening when a South Carolina man threatened a male acquaintance with a knife, according to police.

Cops responding to an assault complaint at a Myrtle Beach home were met by Bryan Ruiz, 25, who said that he and Andrew Lavigne, 23, “were arguing about condoms” around 9 PM Friday night.

After Lavigne and Ruiz were separated by a third man in the apartment, Ruiz went upstairs to “get away from” Lavigne, cops reported. However, Lavigne, who had a knife in his hand, followed Ruiz upstairs.

While allegedly pointing the weapon at Ruiz’s chest, Lavigne told Ruiz that he “was going to kill him and the person he was sleeping with.” After Lavigne spit on Ruiz, Ruiz struck Lavigne in the face, knocking him to the ground.

Lavigne, seen above, was uncooperative with police and “just started crying when I asked his side of the story,” an officer reported. He was arrested on a felony assault charge and booked into the county jail (from which he was released the following day after posting $2500 bond).

Cops, who seized the knife as evidence, did not further describe the nature of the condom dispute. Facebook and Instagram photos show that Lavigne and Ruiz have vacationed together and once shared a hot tub with a third man. (1 page)