Cops Question Man Screaming "At" Clinton

High-decibel yelps mistaken for domestic abuse

SEPTEMBER 28--Responding last night to a 911 call about a high-decibel "domestic altercation," Wisconsin cops found a man screaming epithets at Hillary Clinton as he watched a replay of Monday evening’s presidential debate.

According to police in Waukesha, a Milwaukee suburb, officers questioned the resident of the apartment from which neighbors heard a racket emanating.

The male occupant said that he was “prepping himself” in advance of Trump’s visit today to the Wisconsin city, cops noted. The Trump supporter was “re-watching the debate by himself” and was “yelling profanities about Clinton.”

The man’s anti-Clinton yelping was “so loud that it could be heard throughout the building where other tenants thought there was a domestic altercation occurring,” police reported.

The man “was advised on his noise level” before cops departed the scene.

Trump is scheduled to appear at a campaign rally tonight at the Waukesha County Expo Center. The unnamed Waukesha man presumably will be in attendance and prepared for the “lock her up” and “build that wall” chants.