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Felony Case No Longer A Pain For Doctor

Woman busted for striking ex with soggy bread

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Wet Bread Battery

JANUARY 12--Prosecutors have declined to pursue a felony case against a doctor who was arrested for striking her ex-husband with a handful of bread slices she had soaked with water before throwing them at the 70-year-old victim.

Heather Neeley, 58, was arrested last month following an altercation inside a St. Petersburg, Florida residence. Neeley, a licensed psychiatrist, was charged with battery on a person 65 years or older, a third degree felony.

Cops reported that the victim said he was arguing with Neeley when she “grabbed a handful of bread from the loaf,” wet the bread at the kitchen sink, and hit him with the soggy slices.

When deputies arrived at the house in response to a 911 call from the man, the front of his shirt was wet “with several pieces of bread stuck to the shirt.”

After being read her rights, Neeley (seen at right) reportedly stated that nothing happened between her and the victim. But she “could not explain the wet bread in the garbage can of the kitchen,” cops noted.

Neeley and the man divorced about eight years ago, but live together in the home, which Neeley purchased after they split.

Following her collar, a judge ordered Neeley to have no contact with the victim and to surrender any firearms, weapons, or ammunition she possessed. Neeley, who pleaded not guilty to the battery charge, was also to be outfitted with a continuous alcohol monitor.

Neeley, who was released on her own recognizance after the December 9 confrontation, learned this week that the State Attorney had concluded that “the facts and circumstances” of the matter “do not warrant prosecution at this time.

The “no information” court notice was docketed on Wednesday. (2 pages)