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Fighting The Saggy Pants Scourge. Again.

Town claims droopy garments cause “improper gait”

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Saggy Pants Ordinance

SEPTEMBER 7--In a strike against the creeping municipal menace of sagging pants and skirts, a Georgia mayor today signed an ordinance that will allow cops to fine violators caught exposing a hint of underwear.

The new law will crack down on those caught wearing droopy drawers in the city of Dublin, where Mayor Phil Best this morning signed into law the ordinance passed last week by the city council.

The ordinance, a copy of which you’ll find here, amends the existing law covering public indecency. The revised law contends that, “there is evidence that wearing sagging pants is injurious to the health of the wearer as it causes an improper gait.” Additionally, “the City has received reports of sagging baggy pants being used to facilitate theft crimes.”

A person can be cited for public indecency if they are spotted “wearing pants or skirts more than three inches below the top of the hips (crest of the ilium) exposing the skin or undergarments.” First-time violators of the saggy pants prohibition face a $25 fine, while repeat offenders will be hit with a $200 levy.

A similar saggy pants ban ordinance passed by voters in Riviera Beach, Florida was ruled unconstitutional in 2008 (but not before more than a dozen busts). (2 pages)

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What bothers me so much is the fact is that most of the VOTERS are the ones who put these laws on the books and the ones who are "Whining and Crying", so much don't bother to DON'T VOTE let alone read the the paper on when to bother to put on those pants and VOTE.
It seems every generation wants to tell the next how to act, how to dress, etc. But the generation in power now apparently thinks it's okay to do this by unconstitutional means.
Just tell the little wiggers the truth. The fashion trend started in prison. If you wear your pants that way, you are aroused and open for business. Sorry bout the pun.
Great to see someone saying something about this fashion. When I see people walking around with their pants down and underwear hanging out...I want to offer them a belt. There has to be a line drawn somewhere. It isn't a cool fashion's stupid and ignorant.
That just Cracks me up!
Gonna be called raycist. Mostly black thugs and wiggers look go for this stupid look.
Word. Fatherless welfare garbage loves this, methinks. "LOOKIN' LIKE A FOOL WITH YA PANTS ON DA GROUND!!"
"Plumber's Crack" generally does not occur in public, but rather private residences when the plumber bends over to work under the kitchen sink...
Yawn... wearing your waistband around your thighs is *so* 2005 :)
I would think the cops are against this law. These kids run a lot slower with their pants hanging down. Makes them easier to catch.
Will this law also apply to all those "horizontally significant" plumbers when they bend over? Just sayin....