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Genius Used Stolen Credit Card For Pal's Bail

Cops: Ex-con bailed out theft suspect, 21

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AUGUST 29--An ex-con is facing felony charges after she used a stolen credit card to bail out a woman locked up in a Florida jail, police charge.

According to court filings, Lakeisha Brisbane, 46, used the victim’s Visa card in three separate transactions--totaling $850--with a Clearwater bail bonds company.

Brisbane, seen at right, used the stolen credit card to bail out Shermaine Arnold, a 21-year-old female acquaintance being held in the Pinellas County lockup, cops allege.

Arnold, records show, was jailed in November for ditching out on a $62.21 Yellow Cab fare. But since she also had an outstanding warrant in connection with a felony battery case in Miami-Dade county, her bond was set at $7500.

Arnold, pictured below, spent a week in custody before Brisbane went into 49th Street Bail Bonds carrying a credit card “issued in the name of elderly male victim,” a criminal complaint charges. Brisbane signed several sales receipts, a “multitude of other paperwork,” and allowed the firm to photocopy her driver’s license.

Court filings do not explain how Brisbane was allowed to make charges on a Visa card in someone else’s name.

Brisbane, who is scheduled for a court appearance today, was arrested Thursday on grand theft and credit card fraud charges, both felonies. She was released on $10,000 bond, which was posted by a second Clearwater firm, P-Freddie Dixon Bail Bonds.

In some court records, Brisbane is identified by one of her aliases, Lakeisha Best.

Brisbane is a convicted felon who spent about 15 months in state prison following her conviction on various fraud charges. She was released from custody in early-2010, according to Florida Department of Corrections records. (2 pages)