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Shoppers Brawl Over One-Way Arrows At Store

Cops: Woman, man squared off in Goodwill aisle

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Goodwill Lacking

JUNE 11--A fight yesterday over directional arrows on the floor of a Goodwill store ended with a pair of shoppers under arrest for battery, Florida court records show.

According to police, Jenna Sims, 29, was inside the Tampa-area thrift store when she got into a confrontation with Paul Turner, 50, “over the floor directions due to COVID-19.”

As part of Goodwill Industries’s coronavirus safety measures, one-way aisles have been established to allow patrons to more easily maintain a six-foot distance from other individuals.

Cops say that Sims was upset upon spotting Turner going the wrong way in an aisle. During an ensuing argument, Sims allegedly struck Turner “about his body, head, and face.” Turner responded by shoving Sims away.

While a criminal complaint contends that the 6’ 3”, 220-pound Turner “did not suffer any injuries from this battery,” a mug shot (seen above) shows several welts and abrasions on his head. The 5’ 4”, 125-pound Sims appears to have escaped the mutual combat unscathed.

In an email to TSG, Sims contended that the arresting officer was “lazy as hell and did NOT put the real incident because if you had what really happened you would see that I’m not the one who did that to him it was another person!”

Police say the “entire incident” was recorded by security cameras at the Goodwill store (seen below).

Sims and Turner were each arrested for battery, a misdemeanor, and booked into the Pinellas County jail. They were both released from custody early this morning after posting $500 bond. (2 pages)