Your Chicken Tenders Are Not A Police Matter

Ohio woman called 911 to lodge KFC beef

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KFC 911 Call

MARCH 24--Since some citizens remain confused about the proper use of the 911 system, a reminder: Do not call the police emergency line if you have encountered a chicken difficulty at KFC.

On Tuesday evening, Lisa Castro called 911 to report being “upset because she only got 4 pieces of chicken instead of 8,” and that the manager of a KFC in suburban Cleveland, Ohio “won’t give her the rest of the chicken.”

The 62-year-old Castro, who lives about two miles from the KFC in Euclid, asked for an officer to be dispatched to the restaurant, saying she would be waiting in a Dodge SUV.

Upon arriving at the KFC (seen below), a Euclid Police Department officer explained to Castro that her chicken beef was “not a police matter,” according to a call report that classified the incident as a “civil matter.”

No charges were filed in connection with the 911 call. “While we are here to serve the public, an incorrect drive-thru order is not a police matter,” said Police Chief Scott Meyer.

The police report does not provide details of Castro’s order, but it appears to have involved chicken tenders. (1 page)