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Cops: Woman Tried To Hire Hitman Online

Defendant allegedly wanted ex-husband clipped

JULY 21--A Michigan woman who wanted her ex-husband murdered tried to hire a killer via the farcical web site, police allege.

According to investigators, Wendy Wein, 51, this month filled out a “service request form” on the site, which describes itself as “your point & click” solution and boasts of “17,985 U.S. Based Field Operatives.” Site visitors are assured that Rent-A-Hitman is compliant with provisions of the 1964 Hitman Information Privacy & Protection Act (HIPPA).

A recent update on Rent-A-Hitman noted that, “We are still open during the COVID-19 pandemic,” though “our Wuhan offices will be working on a reduced schedule.”

The form Wein submitted to the web site identified her former spouse as the intended victim, prompting Rent-A-Hitman’s operator to contact the Michigan State Police since it appeared Wein was serious about soliciting a murder.

An undercover trooper subsequently met Wein in a parking lot near her home in South Rockwood, a village about 25 miles south of Detroit. Wein allegedly offered the supposed hitman $5000 to kill her ex, and gave him an upfront payment to cover travel expenses since the target lives in Tennessee.

Wein was subsequently arrested and charged with murder solicitation and using a computer to commit a crime, both felonies.

Pictured in the above mug shot, Wein was booked into the Monroe County jail on $500,000 bond. She is scheduled for a July 29 probable cause conference in District Court.