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Woman Drove With Hubby Atop Car Hood

Perp sped along Interstate 70 and St. Louis roads

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Car Hood Chase

OCTOBER 2--With her husband clinging to the hood of her car, a Missouri woman drove for more than seven miles--through a construction zone and across an interstate--before pulling over while being chased by police, according to court records.

Investigators say that Stephanie Boyd, 38, and her 31-year-old spouse “got into a verbal argument that turned physical” while inside their St. Louis residence on Thursday.

Boyd then got into the couple’s auto to leave “while the victim was on the hood of the vehicle.” The man apparently thought that Boyd would not drive away if he was splayed atop the car.

However, Boyd “left the residence with victim still on the hood of the vehicle,” according to a Berkeley Police Department report.

Traveling “recklessly at different speeds,” Boyd made her way to Interstate 70, which she sped on for 4.6 miles before exiting near St. Louis Lambert International Airport. Boyd then continued driving on local roadways.

At one point, a police officer gave chase after Boyd drove past him with her spouse on the car. While the pursuing squad car’s lights were flashing, Boyd drove an additional half-mile before pulling over.

Boyd, seen above, was arrested and charged with domestic assault for “attempting to cause serious physical injury” to her husband while he was atop the car hood. She was also charged with resisting arrest for allegedly fleeing from Officer Sean Hendel “in such a manner that created a substantial risk of serious physical injury or death” to the victim (with whom Boyd shares a young child).

A judge set bond at $100,000 cash for Boyd, who was deemed “a danger to the crime victim, the community or another person.” The police report notes that Boyd has active warrants in two other Missouri jurisdictions and “previous arrests for domestic assault.” (3 pages)