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Busted For Bizarre Bid To Game Urine Test

Stashed sample contained "soda and tap water"

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Urine More Trouble

FEBRUARY 24--In a harebrained scheme destined to fail, a Florida Woman thought she could game a court-ordered urinalysis test with a pill container “filled with soda and tap water,” according to court records.

As a result of guilty pleas last month to a pair of felony charges, Shannon Hunter, 44, was required yesterday to provide probation officials in Clearwater with a urine sample.

Seen at right, Hunter--who recently copped to possessing painkillers without a prescription and theft counts--apparently knew her urine would prove to be dirty. So she “attempted to use a prescription pill container full of an unknown liquid to pass her urinalysis,” an arrest affidavit notes.

The scheme--which involved Hunter “hiding the pill container inside herself”--was detected by probation officials familiar with the popular container-in-the-vagina gambit. Usually, such a container will hold synthetic urine sourced online or pee provided to the probationer by an acquaintance.

After being read her rights, Hunter, however, admitted that the liquid in her plastic container was just “soda and tap water,” a concoction that would have surely resulted in a failed test. While court records do not identify the soda involved, either Sprite or Mountain Dew would seem like a good bet.

It is unclear why Hunter thought submitting a urine sample containing no urine was a wise choice.

During a court appearance today Hunter pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge of urinalysis fraud. She was sentenced to a maximum of 20 days in the county jail and was ordered to pay fines and court costs totaling $500.

Hunter’s rap sheet includes convictions for theft, possession of drug paraphernalia, domestic battery, narcotics possession, and driving without a license. (1 page)