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Vet, 77, Busted For Obama Death Threat

Man enraged over “what he has done to this country”

President Obama

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Presidental Death Threat

NOVEMBER 24--A 77-year-old South Carolina man whose home was stocked with an arsenal of guns told Secret Service agents that he wanted to shoot Barack Obama “for what he has done to this country,” according to a criminal complaint charging him with threatening the president’s life.

Michael Bowden allegedly first spoke of killing Obama last week during a “routine check-up” at a Veterans Administration clinic in Spartanburg. Bowden, pictured in the mug shot at right, told a nurse that he “was thinking of traveling to Washington, DC, to shoot the President (Obama) because he is not doing enough to help African Americans,” according to an affidavit sworn by Agent Mark Booth.

In an interview last Wednesday with three federal investigators, Bowden acknowledged threatening Obama’s life at the VA facility.

In a sworn, written statement he noted that, “if I had the opportunity to put Obama against the wall and shoot him, I would.” Bowden added that if he could kill anyone, “I would kill, if possible, the President (Obama), for what he has done to this country.”

During a search of Bowden’s home, agents located three semi-automatic handguns and a semi-automatic rifle--all of which were “fully loaded, with rounds in the firing chamber--near his bed. In Bowden’s son’s bedroom, agents found 12 other guns, while a “loaded, short-barrel shotgun” was found near the home’s front door.

The jailed Bowden, who turns 78 on Friday, may soon be freed pending the completion of a psychiatric evaluation. One condition of his release will require Bowden to refrain from possessing a firearm. (2 pages)

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first off if this guy was @ Iwo Jima he was 12 or thirteen at the most. An as a long time viewer of Fox News, I can't find one instance where they were lying. Just because you don't like what they are saying, doesn't mean its a lie. At least they do show both sides of the issue. Get your head out of your a@@ and stop being spoon-fed the dribble that's on MSNBC or the big three so-called news networks.
Moral of the story for vets....don't trust the Veterans Administration, especially while it's under the control of leftist Democrats. It's likely that at his VA doctor's appointment, the poor old guy was asked if he had guns in his home (which they do ask now) and he was honest and said yes. Then the Democrat trained nurse, no doubt started asking more questions and ended up coercing him into saying what he did because he was probably angry about the poor treatment the older vets are getting now. Younger vets need to heed this warning, also.
So...what happened to the Constitution, that gives the duly elected President the role of Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces? Your beck-ish bias against the Democratic Party is showing. I am a proud two-term veteran of the Armed Forces and served during the administration of a President whose failed policies still haunt the economic progress of this country, yet I would have never failed to carry out an order I was given by this man, much less think it was OK to shoot him. The new Republican/Tea Party wing is unpatriotic to the point of near-treason (think "Second Amendment remedy" here). You people better "man-up" just like General McArthur had to when Truman rightly fired him for insubordination.
for 6 years a republican president and congress kept unemployment at or below 4.3% to a democrat thats full employmant. in 06 democrats take it back because of idiots like you and every year since people like you lose your jobs to where we have a unemploymant registered at almost 10% when in fact its about 20%. jobs accordfing to dem most will never come back. all the while spending almost 5 trillions dollars of debt. eventually you will be like that women who told him she was tired of taking up for him, guess what she got canned 2 weeks ago! lol
dude it sounds like you sit around the house 24/7 listening to fox republican network?
no i am one of those evil people who own a business and work more than 70 hours a week to keep it going. but one difference. i would never hire a person other than my family as most of americas workers today are lazy and my goverment requires me to do things to the point of putting me out of business. ill bet you probablywork 40 hours a week and complain about the hard work you have to do!
Your choice, your problem.... STFU whining about it.
Мы тут на сайте для беременных задались вопросом: "Секс во время беременности, насколько он опасен или опасен ли он вообще?". Есть, что сказать по теме?
I guess the old guy must have really hated General Motors.
One must admit the Un-Credentialed Dude has a real penchant for losing friends and making more enemies, the old Iwo vet has a right to be a litttle loose with his words, those that took Iwo in his era are to be honored and he would probably enjoy the attention should you invite him to have a evaluation. Remember when you get to be his age, you might not be able to control your mouth either...a lot of us can't do that at any age.
you are write! but todays public schooled people have no clue their is a island named iwo jima. to them thats e-bonics. lol
Your post is a joke right? Because your spelling and grammar are no better than the worst Ebonics I 've ever heard.
you are right. i was angry when replying. but the meaning was true and on point!
By uncredentialed are you referring to Beck, Limbaugh or Hannity? I don't think any of them got beyond high school (and it shows).
sorry dude all three have college degrees. the undocumented one is berry sorietero or barack obama. its hard to know for sure since documents that have been found shows he has used several social security numbers. he also uses citizen /non citizen status interchangeably. it seems old Barry or barrack or whatever his real name is has gotten a Fulbright scholarship for non citizens at Harvard and a citizen and non citizen scholarship at occidental. his scholarship to Harvard was not for academic excellence but rather to fill a quota. same with Michelle. who was so brilliant that she couldn't pass Illinois bar exam. i think if you compare bar exams across the united states you will find that you have to be a real moron to flunk the bar in Illinois. if you spent as much time checking out this joker objectively you would have a different opinion.
You are either poorly informed or willfully lying. Hannity dropped out of college, Rush flunked out, and Beck never attended.
they talk live. the other guy cant talk wothout scrolling. eventually you will be like the woman who was tired of taking up for him. she got a pink slip 2 weeks ago. lol
I guess you missed Obama's Q&A with the Reps last summer. I guess you didn't see Fox stop its coverage because Obama was taking the Reps apart, one by one. Not a teleprompter in sight. Also, he outdebated Hillary and McCain. Pausing to think before you speak is not necessarily a bad thing.
I bet he was referring to either Washington, Lincoln, Edison, Da Vinci, maybe even Michaelangelo or one of the billions of others with superior intellect... whom never went to college. Oh yeah... college doesn't equal intelligence but I'm sure you already knew that.
It should be "WHO never went to college," which you would have known had you attended college.
However, the highly educated 'leaders' from the so-called institutions of hyper-grade inflated higher learning that have been given us over the past 2-3 generations have really stood us in good stead - NOT. And, now we are reaping what the regressives (aka liberal progressives) have sown since the early 60s. Fortunately, the culling process has begun in ernest, and will continue for the foreseeable future. We can only hope that New York, California and Illinois will secede soon, so the rest of America does not have to bail them out of their regressive budgetary ways.
The dumbing down of public education that is so desired by Republicans has certainly worked, as evidenced by the creative spelling of "sines" at the Tea Party gatherings.
What I find amusing to no end is a bunch of political pundits and kool aid drinking tardz posting up this topic when it's obviously little more than an old man suffering from mental illness. Hilarious to watch you all flip and flop blaming Fox personalities. I guess if I had hitched my cart to a loser like PinochioBama, I would be desperate also.
it is amusing to an extent. but it shows the anger of americans who have too endure the last 2 years of this failure!
One must admit the Un-Credentialed Dude has a real penchant for losing friends and making more enemies, the old Iwo vet has a right to be a litttle loose with his words, those that took Iwo in his era are to be honored and he would probably enjoy the attention should you invite him to have a evaluation. Remember when you get to be his age, you might not be able to control your mouth either...a lot of us can't do that at any age.
Juan de Mariana: Ah, the Spanish Jesuit priest-theologian-economist who famously advocated the right of an individual to kill the tyrant-king or any despot. His argument was that when a ruler steals, loots and kills in a way contrary ot the natural law, it is in accord wiht justice to do what is necessary ot unseat him. Natural law supersedes state law. Don't feel bad for the despot: power corrupts and with that corruption come risks.
Can not agree with what the old guy uttered but understand his frustration with the administration, and liberal congress's actions that created the animosity against Obama's, Reid's, and Pelosi's representatives in Washington ( notice I did not say the peoples representatives). I have never heard as many statements in total of pure hatred directed toward the Washington elected officials in Washington in the past 50 years as I have heard in the last 2 years. Pelosi seems more bent on revenge for the humiliation for the liberals were dealt Nov 2, and that she was a huge reason for than understanding the reasons, and trying to work with the majority party to bring back the nation to a position of strength. Even after the enormous statement by the citizens of this nation, they ( Obama, and his puppets ) still seem bent on an agenda that in no way moves to save our country from the ruin they either knowingly, or stupidly are perpetrating upon it. I do hope this case goes to court, would be interesting to hear a jury's verdict.
Keep drinking the right-wing Kool Aid, my friend, as your leaders on the right use every means at their desposal to put us on par with the worse of the third world countries. I'm a vet, who used my college benefits to educate myself. I'm in a position now to where I am sickened as I've watched over the past thirty years as the right-wing Republicans, and a few Democrats, do their damnedest to see that most of the money in this country rises to the top. I see it first-hand. Keep on listening to the hype, and it won't be long before they've got your little bit of largesse too.
well i served 26 yrs and attended 2 excellent colleges. hills dale college and Lincoln christian. i tried at the so called institutes of higher learning like Princeton and Yale but i swear the professors there knew nothing of any value anyone that worships Che and Mao needs to be sent to china after they are tried for treason and stripped of their citizenship. sure there are greedy republicans but they usually earn their money. democrats are the worst however. they take their money from the sweat of another s work. you werent by any chance john kerrys junior officer were you?
by educate i will bet you meant indoctrinated! that is all colleges are today. inoctrination camps of young pliable minds. watch the movie "star ship troopers" it is a prime example of fascist society. indoctrination thru schools and execution for rebels.
And you my friend are the saddest creature in our little petting zoo today. Usurping the kool aid analogy from the right wingers? ROFLMAO!!!! I have seen pathetic. I have seen rediculous. I have seen tragically flawed, but you, you take the grand prize: a life size, blow up PinochiObama doll. Of course the nozzle is in his trousers. :)
What a nut case. This is the problem with Palin, Beck, Limpbaugh, etc., and their lies. they get these nut cases stirred up, and pretty soon they start threatening to shoot the president.
Yet magically we have the two recruits that got shot outside the little rock recruiters station. We have the fort hood incident, we have the Eco nut who took the discovery channel hostage over global warming, we have the leftist who flew his plane into a Texas IRS building...I think you get the point, it's the left that actually gets violent when they think they can, like the elected official in Wisconsin who shot his TV over Bristol palin winning the DWTS event and the studio being evacuated from an anthrax scare!!! Yeah we need to keep an eye onlimbaugh! Cut me a break.
Sorry Hydejustice, but like most of the rightwingers on here you have your "facts" a little crooked. The guy who flew his plane into the IRS bldg was not a leftist and the Fort Hood Shooter most certainly wasn't a leftist. And the guy who shot h is TV over Bristol Palin was not a leftist either. On the other hand we have the guy who shot the guard at the Holocaust Museum, the guy who assassinated Dr. Tiller, and countless other that have been mentioned by another poster. Those are real, most of your examples are false. Oops.
i hate to say this but the guy who shot tiller the baby killer is a hero in my book. hold it i forgot thats the health and human services secretary's best friend. what the 2 of them and the president know of morals wouldn't fill up a small post it note.
i hate to say this but the guy who shot tiller the baby killer is a hero in my book. hold it i forgot thats the health and human services secretary's best friend. what the 2 of them and the president know of morals wouldn't fill up a small post it note.
sorry you got it wrong. if you will note the tea bag assembly's every one is nice friendly and clean up after themselves. if you go to a left type assembly they are nasty, dirty, and some times loot stores and burn cars. i saw a picture side by side of both the tea bag and the comedy tour. the comedy tour picture was full of trash. one thing is true lefty's are slobs! lol
Counterpoint: The killing of doctor Tiller, Tim McVeigh, the killing 5 police officers in Pittsburg, the shooting of the guard at entrance of the CIA headquarters, the killing the Holocaust museum in D.C., the bastard who stomped the woman's head at the Rand Paul rally. Want me to keep going, I got a million of 'em. These incidents, and numerous others were committed by people who acknowledged that they were followers of Beck, O' Reilly, Malkin, and many of the other cowards on the right. Most who never serve in the military, yet talk about "keeping us safe," while fomenting violence with their vitriolic rhetoric.
that woman ran head long at his car trying to put something in thru the window. the secret service would have done worse!. what was funny was she was wearing a disguise! boy liberals are kooky.
Bunky, you make wonderful characterizations but can you produce ONE single iota of proof that any of these lunatics were "followers" of Beck, O'Reilly, etc? Good luck with the fiction section young man, I prefer the material in the non fiction area.
Is IWO VET mean you were at Iwo Jima? If not then exactly what does IWO mean? I am a Desert Storm Vet and am curious what kind of veteran you are because you don't sound like any veteran I ever met.
I'm a Viet Nam Vet. The man is 77 years old and therefore could not be an "Iwo" Vet or any other kind of WW2 vet. He was 10 years old in 1943. Maybe, maybe a Korean war vet. But he he ever saw Iwo Jima. He's just another right-wing racist hillbilly
While I'm giving history lessons, Iraq did have weapons of mass destruction, maybe not nuclear but I personally saw and helped destroy stockpiles of chemical weapons in Iraq. Saddam used them against his own people, we had actionable intelligence that was reviewed by congressional committee and was agreed to by several other nation's intelligence services that he was attempting to get materials for making nuclear weapons. The man who provided a major piece of that intelligence was a liberal Bush hater and provided false and misleading intelligence on purpose. Now, specifically for lithead.....are you high or just plain stupid? You might actaully read the Communist Manifesto sometime and educate yourself to exactly what a communist is pal. The progressive tax you love.....COMMUNISM. Public education....>>COMMUNISM. Welfare, unemployment protection, central private bank (FEDERAL RESERVE), and most of the democrat party platform is all straight out of the Communist Manifesto and we all know how well that ideology has worked out through the last 100 years.
amen brother. another note that you never hear is that we supplied them with wmds during the Iran/Iraq war. also president Clinton made production technology and equipment to them. least we forget the Israelis took out the nuclear plant that sadamm had built by the french. and continued to transfer material and technology to them up until 1993.
Straight out of the Communist Manifesto? Right.
have you read it? its on wikapedia. also look up saul alinsky. it is quite interesting. everything that has happened these last 2 years is written right there!
Yea, we know they had biological and chemical weapons, which were sold to him by Reagan, on the advice of Donald Rumsfeld. He did not have weapons that could have done any direct damage to the U.S. The war was sold on a bullshiat premise, and you are delusional to continue to believe that crap. Even Bush has acknowledge there was no WMD there. Only you and Cheney want to keep believing that lie.
Shag you don't do your research very well They found 500 metric tons of Uranium it took them 2 years to send to Canada...that even MSNBC reported on. That Amigo is a pre-curser for Nuclear bombs. But you don't hear the main stream media even commenting on all of it,. because it doesn't fit the plan. Also as we wee going into Iraq, Russian trucks were hauling missles to Lebanon but they don't tell you that either. they also found many chemical weapons, and an entire buried air force...think maybe they could dig up afew missiles if they had directions to dig by.
Those were not the WMDs in question and you know it. Even Bush has admitted that they were never found (the video is on youtube). In 2001 both Condi and Colin said Saddam was not a threat and had no WMDs. Bush was opposed to the invasion of Iraq initially, but was pushed by Rumsfeld, Cheney and other hawks until he finally relented. Don't try to give history lessons if you don't know what you're talking about.
hmmmmm. Would like to remind people that the economy BO inherited from Bush was the result of Clinton years legislation that required banks to lend money to people who could not afford it. Compounding the problem Barney Frank and Chris Dodd assured the American people and fellow congressmen that Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were solvent and not facing the meltdown that President Bush loudly and insistently warned was coming. Bush did not have the power to force a democrat controlled house and senate to act to prevent what was coming. Yes the meltdown happened on Bush's watch but it was liberal, socialist, democrats who controlled congress both under Clinton and Bush who set the stage for the collapse and failed to act to stop it from happening. As for this old man threatening the President......well, the VA is obligated to notify Secret Service of things like this. If they had not and he actually attempted assassination the public would have went ballistic. That said, I understand his frustration but he should know better than to spout off about something like that. I suspect he really does have early alzheimers or senility setting in. As for Bush getting us into two what. In case you forgot he ordered troops to Afghanistan first which is where the terrorist were and are still hiding out. You know, the guys who blew up two skyscrapers in New York and part of the Pentagon. Also, congress gave him approval for BOTH of those wars moron. Forgot that little bit of info didn't convenient.