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Cops Collar Bambam The Testicle Attacker

Knife-wielding Utahan made beau strip before assault


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Utah Sex Abuse

JANUARY 19--Meet Savannah “Bambam” Rios, accused testicle puncher.

The Utah woman, 24, is facing several felony charges--kidnapping, robbery, sexual abuse--after a bizarre attack last week on a man she recently dated.

Rios, pictured in the mug shot at right, allegedly confronted the man last Wednesday after he accused her of swiping some of his belongings. The victim told police that he went to meet with Rios at a Salt Lake City residence, where he “was lead to a back backroom” where she was seated on the bed.

The male victim--identified only by the initials “G.A.”--said that Rios slapped him several times, pulled out a knife, and asked him, “You wanna die?”

That’s when things got weird.

According to a probable cause affidavit, Rios ordered “G.A.” to remove his clothes. After he complied, Rios grabbed the man’s belt and “wrapped it around her hand, and hit him several times in the ‘balls.’”      

After pleading for his life, the man told cops, Rios allowed him to get dressed. She then directed him to drive to his home, where she allegedly forced him to give her a DVD player, camera, and phones. On the way to the residence, Rios stabbed at “G.A” with the knife, police charged.

While at the man’s home, Rios “observed a bank statement…and ordered him to the bank.” The victim, who withdrew $500 from his account, subsequently escaped and “ran for help at a nearby police station.” 

Rios, who was still in the vehicle when cops arrived, was arrested at the scene and booked into the Salt Lake County Jail. She remains locked up in lieu of $100,000 bail.

Court records offer no clue as to how Rios got the “Bambam” nickname. (2 pages)