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Cops: Wisconsin Duo Refused To Cease Car Sex

Man, 21, complained of police cockblocking

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Lewd In La Crosse

OCTOBER 3--A pair of naked Wisconsinites repeatedly ignored a cop’s demands that they cease having sex in the backseat of a parked car, a brush off that resulted in their arrest for engaging in lewd and lascivious conduct.

According to police, a La Crosse resident yesterday called 911 around 3:25 AM to report a suspected prowler in an alley behind her home.

When Officer Aaron Westpfahl responded to the call, the resident said she had been awoken by the sound of two individuals having sex inside a car parked in front of her residence (and that she subsequently spotted an unknown subject peering into cars in the alley).

As detailed in a La Crosse Police Department report, Westpfahl heard moaning emanating from a gold Pontiac Grand Am. The vehicle’s windows were “partially fogged” and it was “rocking back and forth.” The cop illuminated the car’s interior with his flashlight and “confirmed they were naked and engaging in sexual intercourse."

Westpfahl then told the couple--later identified as Bailey Puttkemery, 21, and Emily Scott, 20--to cease copulating and get dressed. “At that point, I walked to the rear of the vehicle in order to give the two subjects some privacy while getting dressed,” the patrolman noted.

But when five minutes passed and the duo had not emerged clothed from the vehicle, the uniformed officer shone his flashlight into the Pontiac and determined that Puttkemery and Scott “had reinitiated the sexual intercourse.”   

Westpfahl again directed the couple to get dressed and exit the vehicle, as first reported by the La Crosse Tribune.

Puttkemery, apparently not happy to have been interrupted, replied, “No. I’m trying to fuck.”

The cop then opened the car’s rear door and “again instructed the subjects to stop doing what they were doing and get dressed.” Puttkemery, who smelled of booze, then allegedly tried to shut the car door, telling the officer to go away.

After Puttkemery finally stepped out of the Pontiac, naked, he became argumentative and accused Westpfahl of “cock blocking” him and “giving him blue balls,” according to the report. Puttkemery then offered an explanation, of sorts, for his behavior: “You’re a man. You should understand. It’s Oktoberfest weekend.”

As the nude Puttkemery argued with Westpfahl, he ignored the cop’s direction to get dressed. With his underwear in hand, Puttkemery declared, “It’s just a dick. Nothing to be afraid of.”

When Westpfahl asked Scott why the couple did not stop having sex when asked, she replied that Puttkemery “wanted to finish.”  

Puttkemery and Scott--both of whom live in La Crosse--were each charged with lewd and lascivious behavior. Puttkemery was also hit with a disorderly conduct rap. They are both being held in the La Crosse county jail in advance of a court hearing later today.

The four-day La Crosse Oktoberfest celebration--which ended its 57th run Sunday evening--included a parade, a Dachshund race, a beauty pageant, and lots of beer. (4 pages)