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Blake Shelton Rider

Blake Shelton

While country singer Blake Shelton has become the surprise star of NBC’s singing competition “The Voice,” his backstage rider is as mundane as the contestants he mentors.

Unlike his fellow celebrity coaches on the show--who have been known to demand such perks as a police escort and votive candles (Christina Aguilera) or packs of Magnum condoms and Swisher Sweets (Cee Lo Green/Gnarls Barkley)--the 35-year-old country singer is literally a meat and potatoes kind of guy, according to his tour rider (dated December 16, 2010).

Shelton’s alcohol demands are notable only for their moderation. His rider asks for two cases of light, canned beer and two bottles apiece of Bacardi Clear Rum and Cabernet Sauvignon. The singer also requires a four-pack of that horrendous 5-Hour Energy drink you see advertised on basic cable, as well as a dozen cans of sugar free Red Bull. All beverages are to be delivered to Shelton’s tour bus, which apparently has a spacious refrigerator.

After a concert, promotion personnel must make another trip to Shelton’s brown/black ride to deliver two grilled chicken salads and fat free Ranch and Italian dressing. And, of course, one large Pizza Hut “Meat Lovers or Stuffed Crust Supreme pizza.”

Shelton’s rider also includes a six-page “Design Packet” illustrating the stage placement of all Shelton band members, who are reduced in drawings to Transformer-like figures. (3 pages)

Random Demands

Six (6) Cotton Boxer Shorts

Rage Against the (Washing) Machine? Tom Morello & Co. need new underwear nightly.

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