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Christina Aguilera Rider

Christina Aguilera

This Christina Aguilera is TSG's kind of girl.

How can't you love someone who demands a police escort because she just can't bother to "encounter any delays due to traffic." And you gotta salute the young gal for her heartfelt concern for the state of the environment. But our favorite part of Aguilera's contract rider is her massive (and highly entertaining) list of items required for her dressing room. Soy cheese and Oreos. Flintstones chewables and votive candles. Nesquick and dried cranberries. Not to mention an organic smorgasboard that would make Sir Paul McCartney proud.

All this healthy stuff for a singer who admits her favorite meal is a Wendy's Big Bacon Classic, and whose own manager calls her a "fast food queen." Apparently what a girl wants/needs is just about everything. (4 pages)

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I wonder if she is going to add NO STAR SRANGLE BANNER song or at lease have the words teleprompt somewhere where she can sing them

Random Demands

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