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Lady Gaga '10

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is ever evolving. Way back in 2009 her rider required an assortment of sodas--from Dr. Pepper to Orange Crush--to quench her thirst. But by 2010 Gaga (real name: Stefani Germanotta), gets by on only four cans of Coke Zero. Also making a first-time appearance on the beverage front, two bottles of white wine, one of which, Kendall Jackson, is a brand banned backstage by a much more seasoned touring diva, Cher.

And as the 24-year-old singer/political activist crosses the country fighting to repeal the ban against gays serving openly in the military, attendees should save their sign making talents for her rallies since security restricts fans from bringing “political banners” into her shows.

Also restricted are “crash helmets” which is an extremely oppressive headwear ban coming from a woman who has worn meat on her own head. (4 pages)

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To answer the pipe and drape question (pipe and drape is a way to throw up partitions/wall covering for rooms, doors, etc - to cover the normally bland and possibly ugly concrete walls or whatever the venue has backstage which is often covered with unappealing anatomical graffiti) - usually it seems the "diva" (read: vocalist) in the band prefers the pipe and drape in their own dressing room, while the rest of the band often skips this provision.
What does " NO pipe and drape" mean for the male dancers? forgive me, I'm old......................
Demanding...?..Please this is nothing, the wish list for the Artists and The crew are nothing that can't be found at the gas station across the street from the arena..The organic stuff, send the paid $250 a day PAs to the health food store,, no big deal... Many times Touring Companies put off da wall items in the technical rider (in the Artists wish lists, as that is the only real place you can afford to joke around in, some might take it too seriously) to see if the Promoter is really reading. What does happen sometimes, is the Promoter will just make sure the engagement date is clear, and turn to the end of the contract and sign without looking at anything else (I have seen this happen personally) the problem is when it comes closer to engagement date, the arena cant provide the technical and/or size and scope needed for the Production, and haft to cancel. Aside from tragic circumstances, when a Artist cancels, it makes them look bad, even if its the hosting arenas fault for not reading the paper work.
Ladies this is for both of you. Heather, Let me explain what nobody bothers to talk about on here. When you work on the road doing 100+ shows a year, the city you are currently in becomes your home. While you may get to go home after your 9-5, we live on tour busses, hotel rooms, and rarely see home for months at a shot. The reason the lists are long with requests, because unless you ask for it, you won't get it. We don't have time to go shopping, we don't have time to go out to eat. We're working. It's not a glamorous life, it's a job. We have to absolutely love what we do in order to work in this industry, and these things are the only constants we have from day to day, city to city. Believe it or not, most promoters ignore some of these requests, or make substitutions. Joleen, As I said above, these requests are not due to wealth, power, or any other "power trip" requests. You don't get dressed in the dark do you? A lot of older venues have dressing rooms that most people wouldn't imagine setting foot for more than a minute or two, let alone "living" in for a portion of the day. This is your bedroom, bathroom, and only source of privacy for that day. Cheaper venues and promoters will tend to skimp on niceties that they view as excessive or costly. The requests are there to create comfort for the artist, dancers, band, crew, everyone that works with the production. It takes a small army of people to put on these productions, and as soon as they are done, they're on a bus to the next city overnight and doing it all again the next day. Their life is contained in a suitcase, and all they have that is constant from day to day are the requests for some normalcy. It really isn't as silly or as excessive as it might seem. Unfortunately you just have to spell out for most people putting on shows that people need running water, electricity, and that a broom closet isn't acceptable to change or shower in.
I really do not understand where they come up with half of the stuff they ask for with all this food... I don't know that I could ever be that creative... lol
This lady is on a power trip! It must be a common problem to have lamps with burned out bulbs.

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