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Cher Backstage Rider


Before wowing audiences with her warbling and ass tattoos, Cher likes to chill out watching movies on cable (don't laugh--it's not like she requested Lifetime or Oxygen TV). Backstage, Cher shares space with her wig room and one "Dr. Stacey," and needs special tissues, black Solo cups, and lilies.

And don't even think of asking her to wear one of those laminated tour passes. (4 pages)

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Went shopping with Sonny and Cher back in the sixties, Sonny was nice. It took a while since Cher had to stop at every mirror on Bourbon street.
Damn Cher I really thought you would want "Outrageous" things. But you are pretty reasonable for the diva that we all know you are.

Random Demands

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