Meet Zackary Fisher, The Raging, Breakout Star Of Donald Trump's Recent Rally In Phoenix

“Go fucking cook my burrito, bitch!”

On Saturday, an aggrieved Donald Trump supporter delivered that line--which seemed to have originally been written for Jesse Pinkman--and other rhetorical gems while screaming at individuals gathered on a Phoenix street corner to protest the multimillionaire’s appearance at the nearby Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

In a video shot by journalist Eric Rosenwald, the Trump backer is seen telling protesters, “I fucked your whole fucking family with my big cock.” He then moved on to domestic policy matters, announcing that he was a “proud fucking American, made in USA, bitch.”

[NOTE: Rosenwald’s video, seen above, is filled with similar NSFW language.]

After referring to the preparation of his burrito, the muscled rage machine then demanded that Trump detractors “Go fucking make my tortilla, motherfuckers. And build that fucking wall. For me! Trump! I love Trump!”

Before taking his leave, the man noted, “I’ll fuck, like, at least 10 of you up in one fucking sitting, you fucking pussy. You’re lucky all these cops are here.”

So who is this street corner surrogate, a guy who deserves the kind of cable TV time now being hogged by low-energy Trump surrogates like Andy Dean and Kayleigh McEnany?

Meet Zackary Fisher.

The 31-year-old Fisher lives in Mesa, a city 20 miles outside Phoenix, and works as a lab technician for Fikes Brace & Limb, a firm owned by his stepfather. The company, which fabricates prosthetics and orthotics, also employs Fisher’s mother and brother. [Update: While the business this morning scrubbed its web site to remove Fisher’s name, a screenshot of the original "Staff" page can be found here.]

When not loudly lecturing others about tortillas, burritos, and the size of his penis, Fisher enjoys working out at LA Fitness, hiking, and spending time with his pit bull. He owns a red Ford Mustang SVT Cobra with vanity plates (“KEPH8N”) and an assortment of weapons. Fisher has also fought in MMA matches, but it appears his career in the cage was derailed by injury.

In a pair of recent Instagram videos, Fisher is seen firing his AR-15 rifle into some Arizona brush and aiming at targets with his Glock handgun.

Fisher is also proud of his grueling workout regimen and the numerous tattoos adorning his chiseled physique. Along with tribal ink decorations, Fisher has a representation of the Arizona state flag on his back and the words “Never Trust A Bitch” on his side. While not visible until he lifts his arm, Fisher also has the number 43 tattooed beneath his left armpit. According to the Anti-Defamation League, the number “is used by members of the racist skinhead group Supreme White Alliance.”

[A Fisher acquaintance contends that the “43” tattoo is a tribute to a longtime friend, Elijah “Dough Boy” Schmidt, who died last year at age 35. Schmidt was serving an eight-year prison sentence for narcotics trafficking at the time of his September 2015 death. The number reportedly was assigned to Schmidt, a fellow MMA devotee, at the gym where he trained with Fisher.]

Before tangling with the protesters, Fisher was ecstatic when he ran into Paul Griffin, an acquaintance and fellow Trump supporter. Fisher bro hugged Griffin and appeared elated that his friend had decided to wear a “FUCK ISLAM!” t-shirt to the Trump event (Griffin was escorted from the rally after refusing security’s request to turn his shirt inside out). Fisher proudly showed Griffin his “Make America Great” campaign sign, noting that, “I got fucking Donald’s autograph.”

Though Fisher has made his Instagram account private, his Facebook page remains online. However, he has made a couple of revisions in the last several hours.

After posting Rosenwald’s video of him screaming, Fisher deleted the clip. He also removed a post (seen below) defending his actions. “DO NOT BRING YOUR MEXICAN FLAGS TO AMERICAN RALLYS when there is not a single Mexican running for president,” Fisher wrote. “THIS IS AMERICA HERE not Mexico! If you’re not PROUD of this flag GO back to MEXICO.”

Court records show that Fisher’s rap sheet includes a 2004 marijuana possession charge, which was dismissed after he successfully completed a diversion program. He posed for the below mug shot, which was snapped back in the days before he was introduced to tattoos and creatine shakes.