Tip: Do Not Ask A Question About Your Manhood If You Can't Handle Her Answer

Memo to Dominique Flower: Do not ask a question about your penis if you are not prepared to handle the answer.

Flower, 30, was arrested last week for domestic battery after allegedly striking his wife in the face inside the couple’s St. Petersburg, Florida residence.

According to a criminal complaint, Flower, seen at right, got mad at his spouse after he “asked her if he had a larger male part than her previous boyfriends.” While the complaint does not disclose the victim’s answer to that query, it seems likely the word “no” figured prominently in her response.

Police charge that the 6' 2", 220-pound Flower “did strike the victim in the face causing visible swelling to her left eye.”

Flower was released on his own recognizance after being booked into the county jail on the misdemeanor charge.

Flower’s rap sheet includes multiple arrests for marijuana possession, as well as collars for domestic battery, driving with a suspended or revoked license, and failure to appear in court.