Man "Keistered" Cell Phone, MP3 Player, Headphones, Cash, Pot Into California Jail

Sentenced and jailed Tuesday on a narcotics conviction, a California man smuggled a Kyocera cell phone, an MP3 player, ear bud headphones, marijuana, tobacco, and $140 in cash into a county lockup by hiding the contraband in his rectum, investigators allege.

The items were recovered when Lake County corrections officers strip searched Earl Lee Vogt and tossed his cell. The searches Wednesday evening were prompted when a jailer detected the smell of marijuana in the 29-year-old tattoo artist’s cell.

Vogt, pictured in the post-surrender mug shot at right, was sentenced Tuesday to nearly four years in prison and immediately remanded to the custody of the sheriff’s department. Investigators believe that Vogt “keistered” the contraband to get it into the lockup, according to one official. While the cash was found in his cell, the other items were found inside a sock.

When questioned by a sheriff’s deputy who thought he was feeling discomfort, Vogt denied being in pain, though he noted, “My ass is bleeding.”

Vogt claimed that he had obtained the marijuana from another inmate in exchange for a second MP3 player he had smuggled into the northern California lockup. Jail officials doubt this assertion.

In light of the contraband seizure, Vogt was charged with a felony count of smuggling a controlled substance into prison and unauthorized possession of a wireless communication device, a misdemeanor. It is unclear how Vogt planned to recharge the phone, a Kyocera Metro.

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I can't believe you are laughing at this, here is a poor individual reduced to bringing comforts in his rectum to make what is to be the worst 4 years of his life....You all spend your tax money on paying for a munchie-eating stoner to do time with hardened criminals, and he's not alone. You're all *** in the head..."My ass is bleeding" OMG HAHAHA he keystered it, Fark you all.....This man looks as criminal as shaggy from scooby doo, he won't be rehabilitated he will be scarred for life.
Try "keistered".
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lol prison wallet. With all those items I think his is closer to a prison purse or backpack.
Why would anyone be surprised that a male from California is using his ass for a purse?
Hawkdriver, Thank you for your military service. Stick to what you know. You are the last person that should be issuing grammatical or punctuation advice. I can point out many mistakes in your posts. You're a comedian and don't even know it.