Naked Female Motorist Leads New Mexico Cops On 100 MPH Chase, Says She Was Too Hot For Clothes

A naked female motorist led New Mexico cops on a 100 mph chase Saturday morning that ended when she crashed the vehicle and then sought to run away from officers.

After receiving 911 calls about a woman driving recklessly on Interstate 25 in Santa Fe, cops spotted Barbara Arellano, 51, behind the wheel of a Toyota Rav4 that was careening across the road.

As she drove, Arellano was throwing items from the car, which topped 100 mph before it clipped a truck and crashed, according to a police report.

Somehow, Arellano escaped from the vehicle unhurt and unburdened by clothes. As seen above, police dashcam footage shows the naked Arellano running through traffic (while doing this, she repeatedly yelled “Jehovah!”).

Arellano, pictured at right, was subsequently taken to the ground by police who covered her in a blue tarp provided by a passing motorist.

According to investigators, Arellano explained that she had “used heroin, took a bunch of pills and drank whisky just before driving.” As for her lack of garments, Arellano explained that she was hot.

During a search of Arellano’s vehicle, cops found prescription pill bottles containing Tizanidine, a muscle relaxant, and Lorazepam, an anti-anxiety drug.

Arellano was charged with drunk driving, battery on a peace officer, reckless driving, and fleeing from police. She was released from the Santa Fe lockup late Monday night after posting bond.

Arellano’s rap sheet includes prior arrests for narcotics possession and disorderly conduct.