Attention Moms: Don't Get Caught Cheering On Your Kid In A YouTube Video Fight

A Florida mother who stood on the sidelines cheering on her daughter during a planned high school fight between the teen and another girl was arrested today for child abuse.

According to a Manatee County Sheriff’s Office affidavit, April Newcomb, 39, can be seen on multiple YouTube videos “encouraging” her daughter “to physically fight” with the other girl. The videos, one of which can be viewed below, were filmed by attendees of the fight, which occurred in a vacant field near Palmetto High School.

As seen in this still, it appears most teens present came prepared to record the fisticuffs. 

When questioned by a cop, Newcomb, pictured in the mug shot at right, claimed that she only attended the bout between the two 16-year-old combatants in order “to make sure nothing got out of hand.” She also wanted to look out for her daughter’s health since the teen had “sustained a skull fracture from a previous incident approximately two years ago.”

"Of course we were both wrong and I understand that," Newcomb said, adding, "I understand where ya’ll are coming from.”  

As her daughter is being throttled by a larger girl, Newcomb can be heard at one point yelling to her child, “Don’t fucking stop.” Later in the video, apparently serving as her offspring’s corner man, Newcomb advises, “Punch her in the fucking body.”

Newcomb can also be seen at the clip’s outset, arriving with her daughter’s entourage as the teen's opponent bounced about in preparation for the fight.

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Yeah, sure...what's wrong with gangs of teenagers fighting in street? What possible harm could there be in this? For that matter, what's the harm in kids going out and busting into a few stores or mugging a few homeless people? Or hey, why is everyone so upset about teenagers having sex parties? No harm can come from that...let em have their fun! You are one of the stupidest people I have ever heard from on the internet; I am not exaggerating. My God. I hope you have not reproduced yet...
The entire group seems to be nothing but trash. If they are all from the same school, hopefully they all get suspended. They seem to have no respect for anything, and seem to have too much time on their hands. How soon before these useless kids rob a gas station or kill someone for sport...and of course, film it and put it on the net. How any adult could stand there and not stop the fight is beyond me, but hey...they are probably all from the same gene pool, so my guess is that they don't know any better.
maybe you missed it - they're white
I am happy she got charged. If her daughter is being encouraged to fight, getting the tar knocked out of her, how can that Mom love her? What a poor way to show it. Fighting is only needed in war. She needs to be forced to see a shrink for a few years or pay heavy fines. The same with the screwed up daughter, that has suffered the brunt of mental abuse.
I only wish my mom had supported me like this when I was young and stupid. Imagine all the trailers and unwanted pregnancies I could have experienced.
Agree with earlier poster. White trash.
The epitome of pathetic behaviour!
white trash.
Where's the video?
Looks like it's back...thanks