In Some Parts Of The U.S. "Redneck" Is Actually Considered A Religion

While certainly no experts on spiritual matters, until today we were unaware of the existence of a religion being practiced in the South.

As seen in the above excerpt from a Bradenton (Florida) Police Department report, suspect Joshua Lee Joehlin told cops that he is a member of the “Redneck” faith.

Joehlin, a 20-year-old Texan, was busted early Sunday morning on a felony charge of engaging in a lewd and lascivious act with a minor. Joehlin, pictured at left, is being held in the Manatee County jail in lieu of $10,000 bond.

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I'm a West Virginia HILLBILLY , and PROUD of my heritage , I was always led to believe that rednecks were trash.
YEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!! and amen. Thank GOD i'm a Florida Cracker and not a redneck( whatever the connotation)
Webster, Cracker/Redneck: a poor usually Southern white
Cracker/Redneck: a poor usually Southern white. You forgot this: The majority seem extremely ignorant, stupid, and just plain dumb! They often appear on T.V shows like Jerry Springer, and any number of 'white trash' exploitation shows
I didn't actually forget anything. I quoted Webster's online dictionary. As to people "seeming, extremely ignorant, stupid and just plain dumb"..... how many links would you like to Howard Stern and Jay Leno exposing the awesome cleverness of the average Obama voter or resident of southern California? They are every bit as hysterical as watching some poor people with funny accents that the average "extremely ignorant, stupid and just plain dumb" liberal find so incredibly weird and amusing.
In Australia and South Africa, "redneck" means ignorant, racist hicks who drive utes/bakkies/pickups - traditionally white & rural - term originates from the "farmer's tan" (sunburnt arms / neck / face, white everywhere else). It's interesting how the origin of the word can differ, but the connotation remains the same. Whatever way you play it, though, it's still not a "religion".
Here in the states, the term is most often thrown around by testosterone challenged young white liberals, unfamiliar with and threatened by those who work for a living and/or don't share their fondness for cappuccino and abortions.
I am from south Georgia. Most of you think that this area of the United States is full of rednecks and it is but not all of us are. The term "Redneck" is overused and is a way of saying "I am country and tough, I know how to fish and hunt and I drive a truck". It basically has no relevance anymore because so many people have adopted it to define their "Country-ness". You cannot group "Rednecks" in one cluster. It takes a chart to make sense of it with poor white inbred trash, the kind that live in trailers and think Jesus is watching them (but cannot quote anything from the bible) are at the bottom and millionaires like Ted Turner and Jeff Foxworthy are at the top. I have been all over the world and can say that anywhere you have more trees than people you will find rednecks. If you think American rednecks are rednecks you should go to Australia and check out their rednecks. I was in South Africa and the rednecks there make north Florida Rednecks look like Yankees. Even in New York..., Believe it or not rednecks live there, the rednecks that live upstate will put your rednecks to shame. With all that said, The word "Redneck" is used to define a white person that lives in the woods or in a rural area away from dense populations. >Sarah Palin is a redneck and this is why most rednecks can relate to her. >Rednecks do not like Obama because he is from the city and doesn't act and look like them. >Most rednecks prefer others that talk like them and drive trucks. >Most rednecks like guns and Jesus because rural folks are conditioned to the fear of god and to fear those around them. Especially those that do not talk and act like them. >Rednecks are set in their ways and are afraid of most things that do not conform to their idea of what is "Normal".
I don't know about this form. Why does the word "redneck" appear to be printed on the page rather than filled in with a pen or pencil? Something is wrong.
I wouldn't put anything past the fear and hate that is peddled on the internet. Did you know that Matt Drudge is a gay yankee jew? This makes me laugh considering most of his audience is rednecks that think America is coming to an end because there is a black president that wants to take your freedums, money, health-care and he is a Muslim of course. Did you know that George Walker Bush was entertaining and having lunch with Osama Bin Laden's father the week of the attacks? Did you remember that he was the chief of the CIA under Ford? Did you know that when the skies were cleared of all air traffic on 9/11/01 the ONLY flight that was allowed in the air and out of the United States was headed to Saudi Arabia? Did you know that the family on that plane was Osama Bin Laden's father and his family? Ignorance is a Bitch.