Utah Cops Arrest Yogi Bear, Notorious Basket Thief, On Variety Of Charges

On the heels of a KFC Double Down sandwich getting booked in Florida, Yogi Bear was purportedly collared yesterday in Provo, Utah.

The Hanna-Barbera character was detained yesterday on a variety of counts, including fishing without a license and an immigration charge, according to the Utah County Sheriff's Office Corrections Bureau web site.

As seen above, the mug shot of Bear--who is described as 60 years old and 490 pounds--is sandwiched between suspects arrested for pot possession and vehicular infractions. A second page on the sheriff’s web site provides additional details about Bear’s bust.

However, while suspected of prior thefts involving picnic baskets, Bear’s reported arrest Tuesday morning apparently did not actually happen. The entry on the sheriff’s web site was done as part of a training or testing exercise.

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Yogi Bear was in reality created by Hanna Barbera Productions in 1959, making him 52, NOT 60!
Yogi looks like he's on something...
He was caught only after Security Forces on Hill failed to recognize him before being escorted off base.
I'm surprised they didn't list a charge for Cruel and Unusual Punishment for his new movie.
One internets awarded to you, TSG user. well played.
Mr Ranger's not gonna like this, Yogi
Actually, he was arrested last June but for some reason wasn't booked for over 8 months. :-D