Who Is This Jeff Dunham Guy (And Why Is Anyone Paying Him $200,000 Per Gig)?

In our second installment of “Who Earns What?,” we look at several lower-cost concert alternatives (at least compared to Rascal Flatts and Kiss).

Contract documents obtained by Buster detail the performance fees banked by six performers touring this summer, including Hootie, alt rockers Weezer, Christian recording artist Jeremy Camp, and Jeff Dunham, the terribly unfunny puppeteer.

The numbers:

Jeff Dunham        $200,000 *

Weezer                $150,000 *

Heart                   $100,000 *

Darius Rucker     $100,000 *

Devo                     $70,000 *

Jeremy Camp        $35,000

* Represents a minimum guaranteed fee. This figure can increase based on gross box office sales, a percentage of which goes to the artist once receipts exceed a contractually stipulated amount.

Comments (5)

$200,000 yes but he has to split it equally between all the puppets.
I wouldn't dare putting Jeff Dunham into the same category as Don Rickles and Joan Rivers. Their club door has a sign on it that reads "COMEDIANS ONLY"
The only comedian I know of worse than Jef Dunham is Carrot Top. Yes, even Pauly Shore has a better wit than the "on a stick" guy. If you would pay to see this moron perform you probably watch the Blue Collar Comedy Tour too...DON'T YOU? He's not even a good ventriloquist, YOU CAN SEE HIS MOUTH MOVE! The author is right, it's absurd that Devo has a smaller guarantee than this douche.
I agree. Jeff Dunham is quite funny, and he is one of only a couple of ventriloquists that I'd pay to see perform. But as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so are taste and humor.
Jeff Dunham is VERY funny. Your critique rings hollow. He OBVIOUSLY has many fans that find him funny as well. His Comedy Central specials are some of the highest rated shows on the network, and like you detail - he demands $100K performance fees. Please stick to what you do best - stating the facts and providing embarrassing photos of the famous and infamous - and leave the comedy critique to the readers. Most readers will see your critique for what it likely is - a pretense for woefully misguided "political correctness". The thin skinned need not apply for his audience or that of Don Rickles, Joan Rivers, etc., etc, etc. - they're not funny either - right?