Who Is This Rascal Flatts Guy (And Why Is He Earning $702,500 Per Gig)?

So what does it cost to book Drake or Kiss for a concert? What about “American Idol” winner Kris Allen or Disney star Selena Gomez (pictured below)? Let’s go to the contracts.

While the fattest paycheck for the 2010 U.S. summer concert season would have been banked by U2--had Bono not been temporarily crippled--several other touring acts are commanding hefty six-figures fees.

According to contract documents obtained by Buster, here’s a sampling of what it costs to book some country, hip-hop, rock, and bubblegum acts:

Rascal Flatts      $702,500 *

Kiss                    $500,000 *

Keith Urban       $487,500 *

Drake                 $155,000

Selena Gomez   $100,000 

Kelly Pickler        $40,000 **

Kris Allen            $12,500

Chris Young          $7,500 ***


* Represents a minimum guaranteed fee. This figure can increase based on gross box office sales, a percentage of which goes to the artist once receipts exceed a contractually stipulated amount.

** Pickler finished sixth during the fifth season of “American Idol.”

*** Young is a former winner of the “Nashville Star” reality TV show.

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Maybe it depends on the type of concert or event? When I went to a Kris Allen concert in which he was the headliner, I heard that the another city wanted Kris Allen to play there first but they couldn't afford the $40-50,000 price. So instead, the one I went to took him. So I was surprised to find a different amount here. I really think it depends.
I could be wrong. Maybe the person really meant $14-15,000.
Who are Kris Allen and Chris Young?
Talk about over paid. 500k for a bunch of old men prancing around the stage sticking their tongues out - #past their prime.
I wanna get a private Kris Allen show at my house. Anyone wanna chip in?
You'd have to pay me $12,500. I think they mean $12.50
see above
Pay me $702,500... I might stay for one song..one very short note..
I dont know anyone else but I would not pay $0.72 to see Rascal Flatts
I wouldn't pay $0.72 to see Rascal Flatts if they were giving away dollars.