During Heated Meat Dispute, Indiana Woman, 20, Has Plate Of Tacos Pushed Into Her Face

This week’s Mexican food-related altercation comes from Indiana, where cops were summoned late last night to a residence in response to a domestic disturbance touched off when a man “took too much taco meat.”

As reported by police, Nianna Williams, 20, was visiting Micheal Love, 28, at his Indianapolis home when they “began to argue because Mr. Love took too much taco meat and didn’t leave much for her.”

Love apparently did not appreciate being chided for his meat consumption, so he “told Ms. Williams to get out,” according to an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department report. As the pair continued to argue, Love threw Williams’s belongings outside the residence.

Williams told cops that Love then took her plate of tacos and pushed the grub into her face. “Ms. Williams complained of her eyes burning due to the taco sauce,” noted Officer Johnathan Burger. Williams, a community college student, was treated outside the home by medics, who flushed her eyes.

Cops sought to interview Love, but “numerous attempts” to get him to open the door and speak with officers “were unsuccessful. No one would answer.”

A police spokesman said that the disorderly conduct case remains open.