Female Inmate Utters Line Never Previously Recorded In A Police Report

After arriving at a Florida lockup Wednesday afternoon to begin serving a 30-day sentence for drug possession, Sara King was placed into “Female Pod.”

While there, King was strip searched by Deputy Merced, who asked the 25-year-old inmate “if she had anything on her she was not suppose to have,” according to a police report.

This kind of query is usually met with a “No.”

However, King, pictured above, offered a quick confession and uttered a line rarely seen in law enforcent reports.

“Just my pills in my vagina,” she said.

Merced then “instructed King to remove the pills and give them to her.” King complied and Merced took possession of eight pills and two small fragments (which were identified as Buprenorphine SL, a drug often used to treat narcotics addiction).

For bringing the pills into the Manatee County jail, King was hit with a felony introduction of contraband count.

Comments (14)

No wonder she kept getting pregnant.
Were the pills in there loose, just rattling around? It does not report if the pills were in any type of container (i.e. baggie). Would pills not dissolve, if left to their own devices up in someone's cooch? Puzzled....
Who said you can't store pills there????
Seems to bring up a new category never before recorded in a police report: CVNTRABAND. (V for U).