Federal Agents Seek To Arrest "Vladimir Putin" In Child Pornography Case

Federal agents are seeking to arrest “Vladimir Putin” after a grand jury last month voted to indict 22 defendants for distributing child pornography on an Internet bulletin board.

According to a sealed two-count indictment, a suspect using the “Putin” alias was a member of Dreamboard, where illicit images of children were advertised and sought. U.S. District Court records indicate that last month agents began fanning out across the country seeking to arrest bulletin board members, who apparently have been identified via records seized from Dreamboard as well as IP addresses used by individual members.

The private bulletin board had a series of membership levels, including “member,” “VIP,” and “Super VIP.” As reported in the indictment, “Super VIP” members were “producers of child pornography” that were “considered trusted members of the web site” who had access to “more posted advertisements than other members.”

In order to move up in the Dreamboard hierarchy, a pervert had to frequently post ads for child porn, including material the member had produced and/or material “that no other member possessed.”