Kansas Man, 22, Cuts Plea Deal In Walmart Sex Romp Case

A randy Kansan has cut a plea deal to charges that he and a female companion engaged in lewd behavior inside a Walmart after swiping K-Y Jelly and other items from the retailer.

Julian Call, 22, last week pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor lewd and lascivious behavior charge and was sentenced to a year’s probation, according to court records. Additionally, he was also placed in a diversion program for a theft charge, and prosecutors dropped a criminal damage count.

Call and Tina Gianakon, 35, were arrested in late-July after witnesses observed them openly trysting in a Walmart in Hutchinson. Call and Gianakon are pictured in the above mug shots.

Municipal Court complaints filed against Call and Gianakon accused them of engaging “in sexual intercourse or sodomy with any person or animal with knowledge or reasonable anticipation that the participants are being viewed by another.”

In addition to boosting the sexual lubricant, the couple also allegedly pinched Midol, Maybelline eyeliner, socks, eye drops, and styling gel.

Charges against Gianakon remain pending, and she is due in court next month.