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Autopsy: Booze, Drugs Killed Miss Elizabeth

Miss Elizabeth

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Autopsy: Booze, Drugs Killed Miss Elizabeth

AUGUST 5--The wrestling personality known as Miss Elizabeth died from a lethal combination of booze and prescription drugs, according to this autopsy report from the Cobb County Medical Examiner.

The coroner determined that the May 1 death of Elizabeth Hulette, 42, was an accident resulting from "acute toxicity-multiple drugs."

Hulette was stricken at the Georgia home she shared with live-in boyfriend Lawrence Pfohl, who wrestles professionally as Lex Luger. She was later pronounced dead at a local hospital, where a police detective told the ME's investigator that Hulette "had been observed drinking Vodka and taking Soma and Loritabs several hours" prior to her demise.

A toxicology screen found evidence of anxiety, muscle relaxation, nausea, and pain drugs in Hulette's system. Her blood alcohol level was measured at a whopping .299. As a result of the police investigation of Hulette's death, cops arrested Pfohl after discovering illegal bodybuilding drugs in his home. (10 pages)

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