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Diana Ross Busted For "Extreme DUI"

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Diana Ross Busted For "Extreme DUI"

Diana Ross was so plastered when pulled over by Arizona police yesterday (12/30), the singer could not accurately write down the alphabet, list numbers sequentially, or tell officers the time or date.

And when the star was asked to perform a "one leg stand," she "fell over" after only seven seconds, and even panned her own balancing act to arresting officers: "Ha Ha Ha. Great."

The 58-year-old singer was hit with "extreme DUI" charges after three Breathalyzer tests recorded her blood alcohol content at nearly triple the state's .08 maximum.

Ross, who apparently has been staying at Tucson's ritzy Canyon Ranch spa, denied that she had been drinking when first approached by cops. At the time, Ross had emerged from a white Pontiac she had parked in a handicapped spot in front of a closed Blockbuster outlet. Police were in the area after receiving a call that a white car was driving in the wrong direction on a nearby street. (6 pages)

There's no mug shot of Diana, but here are some of our favorite mugs of 2002.