Exposing "Joe Millionaire": The Modeling Shots

Joe Millionaire

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Exposing "Joe Millionaire": The Modeling Shots


EXPOSED: "Joe Millionaire" finalist starred in bondage, fetish films.

JANUARY 6--Before Fox Television turned him into "Joe Millionaire," the eligible bachelor supposedly worth $50 million, Evan Marriott earned spare change modeling skimpy briefs for a California firm specializing in revealing swimwear, thongs, and leatherette underwear.

Marriott, whom Fox describes as a $19,000-a-year construction worker, posed in November 2001 for California Muscle, a Los Angeles-based firm that sells its racy garments via a bi-annual catalog and web site. Marriott, seen here, was snapped wearing a $26 Posing Suit. He can also be seen in a very snug $36 Arabian Boxer that leaves little to the imagination (the young and impressionable may want to avoid the photo on page two), and a $12.99 Gladiator Brief.

According to Simon Nicholson, vice president of California Muscle, "Evan was short of cash and looking for work. He had a great face so we did a shoot with him." Nicholson said Marriott was paid about $1000 for the session, during which he was also photographed in a variety of bathing suits and underwear. Since 1987, the L.A. company has been selling "men's body and fantasy wear," including the Libido Boxer, Piston Thong, and Goliath String.

Marriott was referred to California Muscle by Paula Crane, a photographer who specializes in portraits of male and female bodybuilders. Crane told TSG that she met Marriott two years ago at Gold's Gym in Venice, California, where she "shot some candids of him there. He has a great physique and he's a great looking guy...the girls were drooling all over him, the gay guys, too." (3 pages)