Police: DEA Agent Was Stalked For 10 Years

"Paranoid" man nabbed near home of fed's mother

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DEA Agent Stalked

JUNE 16--A “paranoid” Florida Man stalked a Drug Enforcement Administration agent for 10 years, according to police who arrested the suspect after he was observed driving in “very close proximity” to the residence of the victim’s 71-year-old mother, according to court records.

Investigators charge that Bradley Smith, 41, began stalking Evan Miyamoto after meeting the federal agent when he went to the DEA office in Tampa to “report suspicious drug activity.”

Since that encounter a decade ago, Smith “became paranoid that the victim was investigating him,” according to a criminal complaint.

Despite Miyamoto’s assurance that he was not being investigated, Smith allegedly pursued a years-long stalking campaign that included him showing up at the Tampa DEA office “and other parts of the country” in search of the 38-year-old Miyamoto.

Due to Smith “contacting multiple government agencies inquiring on the victim’s residence and coming into government offices,” he was trespassed from the DEA’s Tampa office. “Agents have spoken with the defendant multiple times and asked him to stop calling their offices and attempting to locate the victim,” a sheriff’s deputy reported.

Smith allegedly made threats to harm Miyamoto and, according to a witness, claimed that he “knew where the victim lived and has driven by his house several times.” The witness, who is not identified in a June 15 felony complaint filed against Smith, told cops that Smith said he had access to firearms while “speaking about how he is frustrated with” Miyamoto.

While searching for Miyamoto, Smith (seen above) was recently spotted by Miyamoto’s mother on multiple occasions “stopping in front of her residence where the victim grew up living.”

Smith, who was recorded by surveillance cameras outside the woman’s home, was arrested earlier this month while “in very close proximity to” the residence. Smith was initially charged with a misdemeanor stalking count. He was charged yesterday with aggravated stalking, a felony, for putting Miyamoto “in fear by showing up to his mother’s residence and making threats to cause him harm.”

Smith, who lives in a mobile home park in St. Petersburg, is being held without bond. A judge has ordered him to have no contact with Miyamoto. (2 pages)