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Cops: Woman Defecated On Church Altar

Ohioan, 26, faces felony for chapel desecration

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Defecation Desecration

MAY 17--An Ohio woman has been charged with desecration after she allegedly defecated on a church altar, police report.

According to a criminal complaint, Laura Miniard, 26, went into the chapel at Cincinnati’s Good Samaritan Hospital Saturday and “defecated on the altar.” Miniard, seen at right, allegedly used a “fabric runner on altar to wipe herself.”

Miniard, who lives in a Cincinnati suburb, then took a picture from the chapel (pictured below) and “smeared feces on table of altar.”

Miniard was arrested for desecrating a place of worship and booked into the county jail on the felony count. Court filings do not reveal a motive for the alleged desecration.

While bond for Miniard was initially set at $2500, it appears she was released from custody today on her own recognizance. Miniard is next scheduled to appear in Hamilton County Municipal Court on May 25. (1 page)