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Cops: Woman Shot Her Pet Parrot To Death

Floridian killed bird with Glock, police charge

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Parrot Killed

APRIL 26--While inside her residence, a Florida Woman shot and killed her pet parrot with a Glock handgun and then fought with her husband, according to police who arrested the couple Monday afternoon.

Police say Suzanne Mulalley, 62, was intoxicated when she killed her African grey parrot with a .380 caliber handgun inside the Largo home she shares with her husband Steven, 66.

After Mulalley murdered the bird, she and her spouse exited the home and began arguing and “pushing each other,” according to criminal complaints which note that a witness watched the couple tangling. Additionally, Mulalley doused Steven--who reportedly was also drunk--with water from a “spray bottle,” cops allege.

Mulalley and her husband were both charged with domestic battery, a misdemeanor, and booked into the county jail. They were released from custody yesterday afternoon and ordered by a judge to have no contact with each other.

Seen above, Mulalley was also ordered to have “no contact with animals.” Mulalley--whose Glock was seized by police--has not yet been charged in connection with the parrot killing.

In late-February, cops responded to the Largo property upon receiving a report that a “firearm was discharged in the backyard during a verbal altercation.” Mulalley was handcuffed and taken into custody after a brief struggle with cops. But she was only charged with resisting police, a misdemeanor count which prosecutors recently declined to pursue.

An officer who investigated the reported backyard shooting noted that there were “numerous loaded firearms in plain view” inside the residence, which the Mulalleys purchased in 2003 for $97,900. (2 pages)