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Man Tried To "Ruin The Mood" With Firearm

Another reason not to live with your ex-wife

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"Ruin The Mood"

APRIL 21--A South Carolina man who still shares a home with his former wife was arrested early today after he cocked a firearm and tried to “ruin the mood” as his ex and her boyfriend were having sex in a nearby bedroom, police charge.

As alleged in an incident report, Allen Riggs began “banging on the walls” of the Myrtle Beach duplex upon hearing Jolynn Wolfrey and her boyfriend “having sex in the upstairs area of the house.”

Riggs and Wolfrey, both 24, are “ex-spouses for approximately 2 years and live together,” cops reported.

In addition to hearing Riggs banging on the walls, “the victim and her boyfriend then heard the racking sound of a firearm and stopped,” according to investigators. Wolfrey said that when she later went downstairs, Riggs, gun in hand, threatened her life.

When questioned by Myrtle Beach Police Department officers, Riggs reportedly said that he became upset when he heard the couple having sex and “banged on the wall to try and get them to quit.” But “after that method failed,” he went out to his vehicle and got his gun.

Riggs told cops that he then returned to the home “and cocked his firearm” in what he said was an attempt to “ruin the mood.” After “the upstairs activity stopped,” Riggs returned to the couch and “played his mobile phone game.”

Police confiscated a 9mm pistol from Riggs, who was booked into the county jail on a felony rap. Riggs, seen above, is being held in lieu of $100,000 bond. (2 pages)