Donald Trump: Worried About OC In AC

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Donald Trump: Worried About OC In AC

The news that Donald Trump and Marla Maples had separated came as no surprise to those who've followed The Donald. But perusing our file on the developer, we came across something that did shock us: Trump once actually fretted that he might one day "tarnish his family's name."

This FBI report details Trump's concerns about building a casino in Atlantic City, specifically his fear that he could be exposed to organized crime figures. But the ballsy billionaire still wanted to help the bureau, even offering to place undercover agents into his operation. What a guy!

Note: The unnamed source referred to in this document is the late Danny Sullivan, a Mafia associate (and longtime FBI informant) who once worked for Trump as a labor consultant. Also, here's an acronym sampler: SAC (Special Agent In Charge); LCN (La Cosa Nostra); DGE (Division of Gaming Enforcement, a New Jersey regulatory agency). (4 pages)