Gun Stolen From G-Man's Car

Feds seeking thief who stole loaded Glock from FBI agent's vehicle

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Gun Stolen From G-Man's Car

AUGUST 25--Late last month, an FBI agent in New York had his loaded service weapon stolen after he left it unattended in a bag in his car.

According to an application for cell phone records filed Thursday by the U.S. Attorney's office in Brooklyn, agent Robert W. Julian's 'Glock Model 23 .40 caliber service handgun, loaded with one magazine containing 13 rounds of ammunition' and his Verizon cell phone were taken from a knapsack he left inside a government issued vehicle parked on a Bedford-Stuyvesant street. Although no details of the recovery are given in the filing, the gun, stolen on July 24, was retrieved four days later. The phone remains missing.

In its quest to determine who grabbed the Glock, the government is hoping to use the cell records to lead them to the thief. (6 pages)